Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ideas for State Button Societies

As president of the National Button Society, collectors of Antique Clothing Buttons, useful information often crosses my desk and there is much I would like to share with you.

Absolutely the most useful tool that the NBS Board of Directors has been using in running this organization is the monthly teleconferencing. We have board meetings each and every month - problems are addressed quickly, and we are able to discuss solutions with one another. I am not advocating a particular one as there are probably many companies that offer this service, but we happen to use http://www.freeconferencecall.com/ Besides the ability to communicate with a large group, we have made our convention meetings less stressfull - no need to get a year's worth of problems solved in 4 hours. Much of the questions are presented in advance, giving everyone a chance to research, reflect and consider. If your state club is not meeting regularly, if you are planning your state show for next fall, if there is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention, you may want to consider communicating via a teleconferencing service.

Publicity - The most important element in increasing membership.
Every local and state club should have a publicity chairman. Advertise your meetings in the free newspapers in your area - invite beading and quilting societies to your meetings and shows, put flyers in antique shops - but most importantly - have someone coordinate these types of efforts.
You find new members by having them find you!

Here's a site that has some interesting reading for collectors of all sorts of things - you might find something useful on this site.

NBS is NOT endorsing any particular products. I am just sharing some information that I have found useful to me, and perhaps it will be useful to you too.

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